festival artwork: 2008-19

“When I founded Thought Bubble in 2007, my aim was to create a friendly and inclusive event that showed everyone the wealth of sequential art and highlighted it as one of the most interesting and diverse art mediums. The industry was pretty different back then, and as a female artist it will always be really important to me that the industry I work in and love embraced diversity.

This is why, 12 years ago, I decided that every Thought Bubble festival image would be created by a woman. Commissioning a unique piece of art is always really exciting and being able to show-case women's art in this way is really special to me. Moving forward we’re going to keep this theme alive and expand it to include other diverse groups within the industry. I can't wait to see the next set of wonderful images.”

~ Lisa Wood a.k.a Tula Lotay (Founder & Director)