Preview Thought Bubble

Over the past decade, so many people have written about, filmed and recorded their trips to Thought Bubble. If you’d like to experience some of the magic of the festival before you arrive, check out some of our favourites below.


Walk the convention

For a taste of 2018’s convention, check out this amazing video walkthrough by Dan Roebuck

SPecialist Autism Services at Thought Bubble

Our friends at Leeds Specialist Autism Services made a great video about their service users at Thought Bubble and attending the convention. Thanks to them and Guy Morgan for filming at 2018’s convention!

After Thought Podcast

After Thought is the podcast all about Thought Bubble. Hosted and created by Jude Hodgson Hann the show features interviews from 2017’s Thought Bubble Festival.

The music for the show was created by Scruffnuk Dust. Logo Design by Leigh Wortley. For more from The Harmonic Engine visit their Twitter or Facebook.

In the press


The guardian: Why are comic cons no longer about comics?

“ It’s at times like this I thank Galactus above for Thought Bubble… one of the few events that not only focuses on, but joyously celebrates the form. “

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The independent: Thought Bubble comic convention makes geek culture accessible to everyone

“ These days, everyone seems to be taking a bite out of geek culture – and naturally, big brands are capitalising on that demand. But as David Barnett writes, the annual Thought Bubble convention in Leeds is a chance for geeks everywhere to take part without paying a high price. “

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Yorkshire Evening post: Thousands of people in Leeds attend UK’s largest comic book festival

“ Each year we have got bigger, but we have still retained the same ethos of that very first event which was about giving those who love comic books the chance to meet and talk to those who create them. “


City talking: “Thought Bubble Is A Reflection Of What I Love”

“Thought Bubble is a reflection of what I love,” says Lisa, “And of what everyone who works on the festival loves. We just try and celebrate the best sequential art out there, no matter what genre it is.

“There are various reasons why I started Thought Bubble, but from the beginning it was always going to be creator focused, about the artists and writers. We don’t involve any media, TV or film stars like a lot of other big conventions, we’re just purely based on comics.”