Exhibit at Thought Bubble 2020


Thought Bubble is the UK’s premier comic art festival and unique among its peers by placing creators at the heart of everything we do. The entire festival is dedicated to comics and the wonderful people - you! - who create them. Industry veterans rub shoulders with fresh talent in an environment that’s rich with networking opportunities and creative support. By exhibiting at Thought Bubble, not only will you be reaching an audience of thousands with your work, but you’ll also be part of the most enriching professional event of the UK comics calendar.

Information about Exhibiting

Thought Bubble Festival consists of two parts: the week long festival which involves events spread across Leeds and beyond! And the two day convention. The 2019 festival will take place from 4 - 10 November at venues across Yorkshire and the convention will be the weekend of 9 - 10 November 2019, at the Harrogate Convention Centre.


Thought Bubble is a curated festival- we open an application period, then our curation panel selects successful applicants who will then be contacted and invoiced for their table. This is partly due to the very large amount of applications we receive every year and partly to ensure that the festival remains true to our ethos of celebrating - and showcasing - comics.

The application period for 2019’s festival has closed. If you are reading this after Sunday 10 March, please read the FAQ below for information on how to be notified in time for 2020’s applications.

If you have successfully submitted your application in the allowed time period, then you will be notified of the outcome of your application in early April. Please note that completing the application form itself does not guarantee you a table at the convention. You will be notified by email of the outcome of your application.

Successful applicants will be emailed an invoice for their table with their confirmation. Payments must be received within 5 working days of the email being sent. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified via email and will automatically be added to this year’s reserves list and contacted should a table become available. All applicants will be contacted regarding the outcome of their application.

If you are applying on behalf of someone else and wish them to have a separate table listed under a different name to your own, then please complete a new application form for each listing.



Full table ….. £125

Half table ….. £70

Retailers And Publishers

Full table ….. £170


Extra Pass ….. £25

Backing Board Hire ….. £40

Electricity ….. £50


Full page in convention guide ….. £500

Half page in convention guide ….. £300

Website banner ….. £100


  • Full tables are 6ft x 2.5ft and include 2 exhibitor passes*. We recommend no more than 3 people per full table.

  • Half tables are 3ft x 2.5ft and include 1 exhibitor pass. We recommend no more than 2 people per half table.

  • Backing Boards are 4ft wide x 6ft high. 1 board will fit behind a full table.

  • Please note that tables with power are limited and we may be unable to provide one for everyone who requests one. In the event that we cannot place you at a table with a power socket, you will be contacted and refunded this amount

*Exhibitor passes: A full table comes with 2 exhibitor passes; half tables come with 1 pass. Every table after the first comes with 1 exhibitor pass (eg: 2 tables = 3 passes, 3 tables = 4 passes)

  • The Thought Bubble convention guide is distributed across the convention site and given to every attendee when collecting their wristbands upon entry.

  • Website banners are displayed on every page of the website from the date of receipt until the following year’s application period closes.

 Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. If you don't understand any part of it or have any questions at all, please email exhibitors@thoughtbubblefestival.com


Completing the application form does not guarantee a table at the convention. You will be contacted regarding the outcome of your application and, if successful, will be invoiced. Unsuccessful applicants will be automatically added to the reserves list for the convention and contacted should a space become available.


Table price includes two exhibitor passes with the first full table booked (or one pass per half table booked) and one pass (£25) per table after that, as well as one chair per person exhibiting.

Half table = 1 pass

Full table = 2 passes

Two tables = 3 passes

Three tables = 4 passes etc.


Additional exhibitor passes can be purchased up to 13 October 2019. After that date, you will need to purchase normal weekend/day passes from our box office. Extra passes bought through the box office will be available for collection from the general ticket office at the convention.

The maximum number of people behind a table is four (two per half table), however we suggest two to three at any one time due to space. If you need more passes than this please contact us to discuss.


We are more than happy for creators to share tables, please make sure you fill in the table application with all the relevant details for both/all who wish to exhibit if successful. Alternatively, half tables can be booked which come with a single exhibitor pass included in the price. The maximum number of people behind a half table is two.


Payment will need to be received within 5 working days of the invoice being sent. If payment is not received within this time then the table(s) will be released and offered to those on the reserve list.


The convention will be open to the public from 10:00 – 18:00 on Saturday 9 November and 10:00 - 17:00 on Sunday 10 November. Convention venues will be open for exhibitors to set up their tables on Friday 8 November, specific times will be confirmed closer to the date, and from 07:30 on Saturday 9 November. We will email you later in the year with information about access/loading permits. By booking a table with us, you agree to have it set up by no later than 09:30 on Saturday 9, and not to take it down until 17:00 on Sunday evening.


We are not able to attach signs, pictures, or any kind of poster to the walls of the venues. If you require a backing board (4ft wide by 6ft tall) these can be hired for £40, or you may bring your own.


We like to keep Thought Bubble a tidy, well-presented convention. Please bring your own tablecloth. If you are displaying products in boxes, please ensure that they are tidy and clean, and do not block aisles or fire exits, or other people's tables. Exhibitors need to remain behind the tables and must not approach customers from in front of the table, or encroach onto others' exhibiting space.


Thought Bubble is a family friendly event, so no adult material is allowed on display.


Due to venue requirements, all electronic items using mains power supply in any of the convention venues must be PAT tested, and proof of this testing must accompany the item (in either sticker or certificate form). If you request a table with electricity we will be unable to also fulfill your request to sit with friends as we need to group exhibitors using electricity around electrical outlets. So if you are considering booking electricity please consider whether you want it more than you want to sit with your friends.


If your table is confirmed, please send us a website icon as soon as possible after this date. The dimensions for the icon are: 1 x JPEG image at 72dpi with dimensions of 200 x 200 pixels. If you want your table name to appear on the page, please include it in your icon. Please make sure you also send your website link with your icon.

Updates to the website cannot be made after 2 September 2019, so please try to ensure that details provided (web link, exhibitor icon, etc) are correct on submission, and received in advance of this date. Most icons are sent to us within two months of table confirmation being received.


We cannot make any changes to submitted applications after 2 September 2019. Applicants are responsible for making sure the details are correct on the form and Thought Bubble is not responsible for any mistakes that are made.


Cancellation of a table booking must be made before 2 September 2019, as after this date we will be unable to offer any refunds of payment. If you have any special requirements please state them on your booking form.

Please print or save a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.

Exhibitor FAQ

Who do I talk to about exhibiting at Thought Bubble?

Our exhibitor application period is open from 25 February - 10 March 2019. After this time it is not possible to apply to exhibit at Thought Bubble 2019. After this date you can sign up to our mailing list to be notified about the 2020 application period.

I want to sit with my friends, is this possible?

One of the things that makes Thought Bubble special is that we make a massive effort to make sure that exhibitors get to sit with friends and collaborators. While we can’t guarantee it in every case we will make every effort to place your table near your friends. To make this more likely please indicate on your application form who you would like to sit near and make sure that your friends do the same with you, so we know that you both definitely know each other.

I’m travelling in from elsewhere for the convention, where would you recommend staying?

This year we’ve teamed up with Reservation Highway to provide you with great deals across convention hotels. There are hotels available at a range of price points and we’d recommend booking your hotel in advance to avoid disappointment. Check out the hotels page for more information and to begin your booking.

I’m travelling from abroad to attend Thought Bubble. Where is the best airport to fly into?

At 12 miles (20 minutes) the closest airport to the Thought Bubble convention is Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA). British Airways run daily flights between LBA and Heathrow (1 hour), and there are regular flights from many connections worldwide, including Paris (1 hour 30 minutes), Amsterdam (1 hour 10 minutes), Dublin (1 hour).

To get from LBA to Harrogate, take the Airport Direct 747 bus which runs hourly and will drop you off at Harrogate’s main bus station, from there it’s a five minute walk to the Convention Centre. Alternatively a taxi will take about 20 minutes and cost around £25.

You can also fly into Manchester Airport (1h30 away by car, or 1h30 / 2h by train with a change at Leeds) or London Heathrow, then catch the direct train to Harrogate (by September 2019 there will be 14 daily direct trains between London and Harrogate)

Is there a loading area at the convention centre?

Yes. We will send out an email closer to the convention about loading permits for exhibitors who require them.

Where can I park during the convention?

We are thrilled to be able to offer free parking for exhibitors at the 2019 convention! Full details will be emailed to exhibitors closer to the convention.

Is there wifi in the convention centre?

There may be limited public wifi in Harrogate but please do not expect to have access to this in the convention centre. If you require wifi for card payments etc., the best bet would be to bring your own. Thought Bubble does not provide wifi over the convention.

I’d like to run or be part of a panel at Thought Bubble, who do I talk to about this?

If you have an idea for a panel at this year’s convention please email exhibitors@thoughtbubblefestival.com with your proposal. We cannot guarantee that your panel will be accepted and we cannot accept any proposals after 31 July 2019. We usually approach people directly to be part of our panels, however if you would like to be a panelist at this year’s convention please email us and we will take it into consideration.

I do not primarily make comics [I am an illustrator / animator / graphic designer / printmaker / etc] can I come to Thought Bubble?

What makes Thought Bubble unique among comic conventions is our focus on comics and the people who make them. That might seem obvious, but at a lot of shows comic creators are relegated to Artist Alleys whilst pop culture, film and TV take the main stage. Our commitment to comics means we prioritise comics themselves over other art forms, even when they are related (eg: film, tv, prose books, illustration). You are welcome to apply to the Thought Bubble convention if you are not a comic creator or publisher, but please be aware that your application will be considered only after all the comics-related applications have been processed. This means you will have a much lower chance of being accepted than someone who does make comics. If you’d like to increase those chances, the best way is to take the jump into the wonderful world of comics creation! Or at the very least please show us how your work is comics-adjacent.

I am a retailer selling collectibles and memorabilia, can I come to Thought Bubble?

As mentioned above, at Thought Bubble we prioritise comics themselves over related art forms and pop culture in general. While collectibles and memorabilia are often born out of the comics sold at the convention, we like to keep these (plus back issue) retailer numbers to a minimum to maximise on space for comic creators and publishers. You are welcome to apply to Thought Bubble but please be aware that it is unlikely that you will be accepted to the show if you fall into one of these categories.

I didn’t get accepted for this year’s convention, what do I do?

We’re sorry that due to the very high number of applications that we receive every year, we cannot accept everyone who applies to exhibit at the Thought Bubble convention. Unfortunately we’re unable to provide individual feedback on unsuccessful applications, although some of the information in this FAQ may be helpful to you if your work falls outside of the comics work we prioritise. Often the number of applications we receive is just too large and we are unable to fit every talented exhibitor in. You are always welcome to apply again for Thought Bubble in future years - we never hold previous unsuccessful applications against anyone - and you can sign up to our mailing list to be notified about the 2020 application period. We look forward to welcoming you to a future Thought Bubble!

I'm an exhibitor but I'm not receiving any emails

Some email providers capture mailing list emails and mark them as spam or put them in weird folders, so in the first instance please check this hasn’t happened to you. If you are definitely not receiving any emails from us, please email exhibitors@thoughtbubblefestival.com and we’ll fix it.

If you still have queries about the exhibitor application process or exhibiting at Thought Bubble 2019 after reading both the FAQ and T&Cs, please get in touch with us at exhibitors@thoughtbubblefestival.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!