After Thought Podcast

Thought Bubble 2018 is only a month away!

If, like us, you can't wait for this year's festival, then we've got a wonderful present for your ears to tide you over until September. 

After Thought, created and hosted by friend of the festival Jude Hodgson Hann, is the podcast all about Thought Bubble. Compiling interviews with guests and exhibitors from 2017's Thought Bubble comic con, take a guided tour of Thought Bubble and the amazing creators who attend.

The music for the show was created by Scruffnuk Dust

Logo design by Leigh Wortley

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Episode 1

Featuring interviews with Roddy McCance, Antony Johnston, Jo Latham and Katie Skelly

Episode 2

Featuring interviews with Ricardo Bessa, Duncan Fegredo & John Allison

Episode 3

Featuring interviews with Charlie Adlard, Dan Berry & Marc Ellerby

Episode 4 - Young Animals special 

Featuring interviews with Jody Houser, Jon RiveraNick Derington

Episode 5

Featuring interviews with Dilraj Mann, C. Spike Trotman & Lando

Episode 6

Featuring interviews with Justin Brookhart, John Wagner & Brian K. Vaughan